Thursday, July 19, 2012

Snow White De-Disneyfied

The movie Snow White and the Huntsman turns out to be quite a surprise. I went to watch the movie to not only ogle at Chris Hemsworth, who played the huntsman, hoping he would once again exhibit his six pack asset that made him famous. Well, in this movie , he didn't. Nevertheless, I forgot about his abs because I was so drawn into the story. No it's not your typical fairy tale with seven little people singing hi-ho. Instead it's like Lord of the Rings meets Robin Hood, meets Joan of Arc. Epic battle on Snow White? Who knew. The biggest surprise for me, however, was Kristen Stewart herself. Okay I must admit I am not a fan of the girl mostly because I am not a fan of the vampire movie series where she plays lead female role. I am not a fan of the series in the first place. Based on the trailers of those movies, I thought she only has one facial expression throughout. Dreamy eyes- half opened pouty mouth, I thought she'd play the role of an ornament to this movie to Chris Hemsworth strong and bold presence, figuratively and literally speaking, that is. This movie I should say was where she truly impressed me. Here she shows she is prepared to take on the lead role even while pitted against the veteran Charlize Theron who played the wicked stepmother.

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