Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Of Superbowl, Olympics and Organic entertainment

Where else would be the best venues to showcase the latest innovations in technology for use in entertainment than in the Olympics and the Superbowl.

Every four years, the opening as well as the closing of the Olympics have been more of the highlights of the Games,  sharing equal media exposure and worldwide anticipation just as the counting of which athlete or country gets the most medals, which athletes would break world records or be caught using PEDs or how the latest political issues would affect membership and participation.

The same can be said of the Superbowl which is held every year.  Of late however, it seems it has grown notoriety not just for the spectacle and production numbers, but likewise of slips and PG-rated moves of which the lady performers have been consistently gotten involved in. From Janet Jackson, to Madonna and the latest of which, Beyonce.  Just makes me wonder if those erratic female moves have added value and made the cost of Superbowl commercial slots run into the six to seven figures.

BEY SB 2013 by caseycarlsonx1

One of my favorites to date, of those that I have watched on youtube and other sites, is that of Prince.
His five foot one figure may have been dwarfed by the giant stage but definitely not his presence and music.

Of course, my hands down choice would still be my favorite Irish boys.

U2's and Prince's Superbowl appearances are living proof that the best entertainment still can emanate solely from human presence through their voice and musicality. Else why the need for the artists'  presence when they can be magnified, reproduced and enhanced on state of the art monitors and speakers.

Their sole command of the stage and raw talent  is plain 100% natural and organic entertainment.  Sharing equal, if not more of the limelight than pyrotechnics, computers and laser lights which are relegated to the background as they should,  and not overshadowed by them.  Just the basics.  Like how, as soon as Bono delivered the first line to "Beautiful Day", goosebumps immediately fill my skin from head to toe. Pure delight even with my eyes closed.  No  need for laser lights and 3D technology. No booty shaking, no nip slips, no simulated touching. Just pure musical orgasm.

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